Publication: “The Golden Ratio and Hydrodynamics” with Boris Khesin. published version demo

Publication: “Bifurcation of Two Vortex System in the Half-Plane” supervised by Boris Khesin in University of Toronto site.

Toy Model: a demo on AFrame cubes. demo source

Dynamics of Learning and Games Project: A Regret Learning development on the Blotto Game. source

Software Design Project: An online trading system based on java spring-boot framework. This system is designed with a clean architecture and multiple advance design patterns. source

Course Tutorial:

Here are notes for the course MAT187H1 in UofT I tutored in 2020-2021.

  Notes White Boards
Week 1   1 2 3
Week 2 pdf 2 3
Week 3 pdf 3
Week 4 pdf 1 2
Week 5 pdf 1 2 3
Week 6 pdf 1 2



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